As part of our 120th year celebrations, we are launching an unprecedented capital appeal to raise funds for the state-of-the-art Science & Innovation Centre. This new development will evolve the way students learn science at the College, allowing for deep learning as students develop their scientific skills of inquiring, planning, conducting and communicating the scientific method across all branches of science.

Make your mark in history and celebrate your connection with Waverley College by purchasing an engraved paver on the Walk of Waverley. The Walk of Waverley leads into the oldest part of the College Campus, Airmount, from the Carrington Road gates.

Since our founding in 1903, the Waverley community has always responded with incredible generosity. We now seek that very same vision from the entire Waverley family to advance our College into a transformative era of education and innovation. We urge you to join us on this far-reaching journey as funds from the sale of each paver will benefit current and future generations of Waverlians.

Your boys. Our vision. Their future.

Buy a Paver